Bones For Bills

Bones for bills is a program designed to help the rural coastal communities of Maine live a sustainable life.  Bella Boo's Blues works with talented and caring local residents who bake our delicious Maine Blueberry Dog Treats.  We exchange bones for bills, the more bones they are able to bake for us the more bills we are able to pay for them.  This program allows our Bella Boo's Blues baking family to provide for their families in a time where unemployment is high and financial stability is uncertain.  We live, love, and believe in Maine, with bones for bills we strive to help our neighbors do the same. 

"For nine months, I was an unemployed, single mom. During these tough economic times, baking for Bella Boos Blues helped give me the strength, self-worth and security to know that some of my bills were going to get paid."

Bella Boo's Blues Baker, Nancie Breau McLeod