Baker's Spotlight February 13 2015, 0 Comments

We are so fortunate to be able to work with such amazing bakers!  This Baker's Spotlight is on Gail Moorhouse.

Gail has lived on her farm in Harrington Maine for over 30 years. Diving right into a life geared towards self sufficiency, the farm began with large organic gardens, a milking cow, pigs, sheep, chickens, cats, a horse, a pony, a goat and of course a peacock. Only the gardens and a scattering of animals remain, but so does the lean towards self-sufficiency. Gail has cooked on a wood stove for 35 years. Her wood cookstove also heats her hot water and serves as a source of winter warmth. She claims that there are many benefits to cooking on a woodstove including always having a surface available for anything from simmer to boil and for keeping the coffee warm! Gail currently enjoys baking dog biscuits for Bella Boos Blues in her wood stove.

Baking dog biscuits on a wood cookstove requires constant attention. The oven temperature fluctuates as the wood burns down and more is added. Even the type of wood used changes the heat. The wood and the damper control knob are carefully monitored. In addition, as the temperature inside the over is uneven, the trays of biscuits need to be rotated regularly. The timing is critical! Gail also greatly enjoys the outdoors. She has a women’s retreat business: , a fiber business: and a mail order wreath business: She is also enjoying learning to play the Ukelele.

The Great Dog Bone Tour Coming Soon! August 13 2014, 1 Comment

Bella will be updating as her Maine Blueberry dog treats get delivered around Maine.  We are in over 25 great locations and will be highlighting them as the bones get delivered.

Shark Week photo shoot August 13 2014, 0 Comments

Free Bella Bites with every 12 pack order!

Here is a little BTS of the Shark week promo photo shoot


Dog Blog - Kong June 20 2012, 0 Comments


Hi hi hi hi HI!!!! My name is Kong and I'm two years old. I love it when my owner Mirey takes me to Regi's house because I get to see Ella (my crush). I keep trying and trying to woo her off her paws, but she is hard to get. It could be because I'm a little smaller than her (she is a full size lab, while I'm not), but I just think she just does it to prove that I am hers. She did bite my ear one day, and I had to show her who's boss. I snapped at her a little bit and she got the point. I do love her though! :)

Written by Kong

Dog Blog - Limey June 20 2012, 0 Comments

Greetings fellow furry and non-furry friends, this is Lima here.  Lima Bean, if we are being proper, but my Mom calls me Limey, Limes, Limetski, Bean Curd, and when I am bad, Lima Bean Geraldine French Fry. 
I just started blogging a few weeks ago. I feel so technically capable, especially because I can do all of this without thumbs. Just wait until I start tweeting. 
Bella Boo, who you may have met,  is constantly in the kitchen, brewing up a new blueberry recipe for her BellaBoo'sBlues. Kyle (the tough guy with the chain around his neck in the photo) and I are constantly being asked to come into the kitchen to try out something new. 
Kyle just waits in the kitchen, and sometimes gets yelled at for constantly being under foot. 
I prefer to sit back and wait to lick the bowl, as it reminds me of my childhood.  Oh, wait, I am only 3. 
BellaBoo'sBlues are my go to snack after the gym (aka the dog park obstacle course) or lounging around watching the housewives (judge me, if you must).  Try them, especially if you have a guitly look on your face, even if you did nothing wrong. Who me? 
Catch back up with you wiggly butts later.

Written by L. Bean

Published by A. Poole

Dog Blog - OZZY June 20 2012, 0 Comments

Dogs days of summer are about to begin, but here in San Diego we have summer year round, which is good news for me and my friends. Summer to me means healthy living, that includes bike rides with dad - he bikes I chase,  walks on the beach chasing birds and not getting my feet too wet, (I'm not that fond of the cold water here)! It also means that blueberry season has started in Maine and my aunt can get those delicious treats from Bella Boo's Blues, I'm no spring chicken, but they sure do make me feel good keeping me feeling young by providing a boost to my immune system and keeping me regular!