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Bella Boo's Blues was founded in the winter of 2006 when a mother daughter team found themselves having a little unwanted time on their hands.  Cheryl (The Mom), an engineer by trade was laid-off and Angela (The daughter) was in that awkward time between college and the real working world.  The two were sitting around the kitchen table brainstorming while eating delicious dried Maine blueberry and white chocolate chip cookies that Cheryl had just pulled out of the oven when a lightbulb went off.

That lightbulb weighed about 9.5lbs and sounded just like a barking dog.  They could not give Bella (The dog) a human cookie and were out of dog treats so they gathered healthy dog friendly ingredients from the pantry and just like that Bella Boo's Blues was born.  Our official taste tester and namesake is Bella Boo, an Italian Greyhound.  Her significant other is Kyle, a Chihuahua and Yoda look alike.  The two have been a pair for five years and have helped us perfect our recipe.  

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"The thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen."      Frank Loyd Wright 

Your purchase of Bella Boo's Blues supports our local bakers and coastal communities.  
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